Santa Monica Welcomes Amplify Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, to Main Street.

Acupuncture, TCM are the oldest forms of medicine and can treat just about any condition.
What a wonderful new addition to our capital of natural healing, Santa Monica. I found Amplify to be an interesting choice of name, because this haven is so serene, the only thing it ‘amplified’ was my need for a nap.




Got pain? Learn how the Nerve Whisperer can relieve your back pain in only 90 seconds.

Gadi will examine your body’s posture, biomechanical dysfunction and muscle spasm.
Everyone needs to live joyously, as we were meant to, but how can we do that if we are distracted by agonizing pain signals? If you experience body pain, such as carpal tunnel, sciatica or low back pain, you may soon discover a long-awaited end to your quiet suffering.




Do You Hate the Dentist? How I Learned to Love the Dentist, Dr. Jason D. Mirabile

If you or a loved one has been searching high and low for a great dentist
Do you hate the Dentist? Most people hate going, and it makes good sense. Having someone poke and prod into one of your most sensitive and vulnerable orifices is quite intimidating. One may wonder why so many people let their teeth go, until the fears are fully comprehended. Not every dentist has the best chairside manner. Not every dentist has a compassion and understanding for what their patients are feeling.