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“It is my mission to address your top wellness complaints. I will personally help you with treatments, products and guide you to seasoned, phenomenal practitioners who are local to you. It’s my passion to pamper and relieve pain and tension, leading you to homeostasis, balance, peace and joy.”
–Liz Angeles

Liz Angeles


Liz Angeles is the Owner and Wellness Director of Just What You Knead. She is also a highly-reviewed author and prolific healing artist who creates custom paintings to relax your personal space. Liz’s passion for health and wellness began just before college, when she started teaching aerobics during the height of the Jane Fonda fitness craze. Initially inducted into the world of healing in 1988, Liz relocated to Santa Monica and is now a 30-year veteran in Massage Therapy. Her education includes studies in such prestigious institutions as:

California Healing Arts College
Southern California Health Institute
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Her practice thrived on the west side of Los Angeles in hotels like the Four Seasons, Hotel Bel Air, and Century Plaza. As a celebrity massage therapist, past clients include Sir Ben Kingsley, Al and Tipper Gore and Tupac Shakur to name just a few. She often travels to Las Vegas and services such locations as the Venetian, Bellagio, and Caesar’s Palace luxury hotels. Liz cleverly combines several methods and techniques to provide an unforgettable pampering experience. Along with her training, intuition and natural gift of touch, you will receive a “Vicarious” Massage; the massage she only dreams about receiving. Undoubtedly, you are sure to appreciate the level of expertise in her specialty: A Deeply Relaxing and Thoroughly Soothing Swedish Massage.

“I love to work the muscles to the edge, where they almost hurt, but not to the point of pain, so you may still relax and even fall asleep if that’s what your body “kneads” to do. Always honor your body.”
– Liz Angeles

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Today, Liz brings you 30 years of practice to her role as Wellness Director for Just What You Knead in Santa Monica, California. Along with her talented team, Liz loves to reduce aches, pain and stress for her clients. As a published author, she’s on a mission to promote happiness and health in every area of life.
Liz truly cares about your relaxation and rejuvenation. You are in good hands with the vast array of skills brought to the table by her and her seasoned team of top-shelf, hand-picked, licensed therapists.

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